Web & Social Media Research - One of the biggest sources of online information and conversation available to businesses today is the abundance of online consumer review content.  After using web crawling technology to find, import and aggregate the data, 3Q Global's staff are experts at analyzing it and producing online dashboards and data visualization that helps make sense of the content and gives you the ability to drilldown by product, site, etc. down to the actual comment.

We provide web and social media research that goes beyond your standard "listening" platform and provides the next step in content analysis of social media conversations.

We create social media trackers that gathers, measures, and predicts. We use social media content to answer your business questions and solve your business problems.

Sentiment and current social media listening platforms tell you:

  • When someone is talking about you
  • Whether they are saying positive or negative things
  • Your brands strengths and weaknesses, your opportunities and threats (SWOT)
  • The difference between your brand vs. your competitor
  • Segmentation of customers, products users, interest groups
  • Industry need assessment

If you want to know what your customers, your competitors, and the online world is saying about you, then you need web and social media research. 3Q Global can provide those answers to you.

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