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We know the questions that work.
We know the questions that don't.
You require industry expertise to guarantee you avoid the road blocks!


3Q GLOBAL can design and implement surveys that are easy to complete, reduce turn-around time and are often administered at a fraction of the cost of traditional paper surveys!

Our highly skilled programmers are well qualified to handle:

  • Hosting/Platform
  • Complex surveys
  • Complicated Quotas
  • Research Methodologies
  • Logins and passwords for secure access
  • Generation of unique Tracking-IDs
  • Customization of appearance
  • Save-and-return functionality
  • Customized error messaging
  • Constant sum scale questions
  • Randomization and block rotation
  • Creation of custom interactive templates
  • Translation of surveys into multiple foreign languages
  • Emailing (distributing survey invitations and reminders)
  • Ensuring proper back end data layouts to generate data files as required by the analysis team
  • Scaling questions
  • Ranking questions
  • Multiple choices
  • Skip patterns
  • Percentage calculations
  • Multi-part surveys
  • Data exports in various formats including SPSS, Excel, ASCII
  • Open and close-ended coding
  • Post field technical support


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