3Q Global

Text Analytics

Focused Insights from a World of Conversations

Text Analytics Answers Business Questions and Provides Solutions
Using the World's Conversations To Increase Your Sales and Profits

Chatter. Feedback. Static. Noise. Whatever you want to call it, our world is engaged in contact conversation. People are talking about your company, your services and your products. They are talking about YOU! 3Q GLOBAL’S Text Analytics evaluates conversation and provides action through our revolutionary process for gathering and analyzing the world's conversations, open ends and transcripts.


Increase your sales and profits by:

  • Driving Business Decisions
  • Guiding Company Product Designs
  • Answering Company Questions
  • Helping Engage with Customers
  • Streamlining Business Processes
  • Measuring Performance

Social Media Research & Monitoring

Content & Conversation Text Analysis

Industry & Customer Review Analysis

Focus Group Analysis

Strategic Intelligence

Data Visualization Dashboards

What Text Analytics Offers To Your Company:
  • An affordable solution for analyzing online, offline, and other text conversations to increase sales through actionable insight
  • A way to gather and understand a wider range of the conversation
  • Valuable conversation analysis on multi-stream data sources
  • Customized conversation analysis dashboards that provide understanding in ways that make sense to you
  • Ability to analyze data beyond sentiment... Over a hundred analytical models
  • Consultation services to provide solutions to your business