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Qualitative Research conducted online has been proven to save project costs  on average of 30%, and has proved particularly useful in the following critical areas:

  • New Product Development
  • Product / Concept evaluation
  • Ad campaign testing
  • Brand communication strategy
  • Usability testing

3Q GLOBAL would like to offer you the opportunity to take advantage of the emerging methodology on your next project.

In addition, online projects are shown to have additional benefits ...

  • Wider participant recruitment, both georgraphically and demographically offering better representation
  • Richer insights, due to anonymity of participants/lack of peer pressure
  • Projects can be carried out in under 75% of the time of conventional research
  • "Clients" can log on and view the focus group in real time (in a virtual back room) and can even prompt the moderator to ask follow-up questions to gain additional insight as the research happens.

This moderator led discussion tool uses an interactive whiteboard technology to display images and video and allow users to rate these by polling and various drawing tools (which are recorded for anlysis).

At the end of each group you will be supplied with a transcript of the conversation immediately following the end of each group and a summary report of the findings along with .pdf's of the recorded activity. Text analytics, a value added report, can be provided in lieu of the summary report.

3Q GLOBAL can save you money, provide better and faster results ensuring you deliver on your project.