Leadership Team

From the top down, each member of our Leadership Team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.  We understand and anticipate unique needs of clients based on the market, management style or infrastructure requirements and offer customized solutions to best fit those needs.  Collaboration is paramount to the success of any project and our Leadership Team will ensure your specific research needs are met, at all levels.


 Lori Weingarten

 Executive Vice President

35 years industry experience beginning as a mall interviewer.  Data collection, facility  and financial management background.  Oversee day to day operations of 3Q Global, Quick Test/Heakin and Discovery Research Group. 


Christy Crossan

Vice President Client Services 

24 years industry experience beginning as a mall interviewer.  Data collection, facility and financial management background. Specializing in account management, client development and relations, qualitative and quantitative research, online and off-line data collection and project management for 3Q Global and Quick Test/Heakin.


Traci Wood

Executive Director

7 years industry experience beginning as Account Executive at Discovery Research Group. Strong background in sales, team/project management, contract negotiation, and vendor & client relations which allows Traci the opportunity to assist her team and clients in many ways to ensure the success of every project. 


Robert Higginson, Ph.D.

Vice President of Business Development

13 years industry experience, with a background in teaching Behavioral Science at the university level. Responsibilities include consulting clients on methodology, study design, concerns, goals, objectives, and the decision making equations of corporate or organizational decision makers.


Jamie Yelton

Senior Project Manager

39 years industry experience beginning as a telephone interviewer. Throughout her career, has been responsible for all aspects of project management from conception through analysis and reporting to include survey creation, field selection, project preparation, quota distribution, study briefing, direction and administration for quantitative and qualitative studies.