Traditional and Online Focus Groups/Mock Juries - We provides focus group recruiting, hosting, and moderation, transcription and analysis for focus groups either in person in one or more cities, or online for when your target consumers aren't all located in the same region.

Focus groups can provide greater insight in a group setting, which allows for a more targeted questioning based on respondents answers.  Traditional focus groups are held in an in-person setting, where online focus groups bring together respondents from the same or different regions together from the comfort of their home or office.

Benefits of focus groups:

  • Allow you to test assumptions about your product or brand
  • Help gather detailed qualitative information about the customer's beliefs and options that drive your strategy and development
  • Encourage converstation among participants that increase innovation and develop insights
  • Provide stimuli (ads, visuals, etc.) for conversation
  • Give the researcher and those invested in the product or brand the opportunity to hear from their customers first hand

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